Build Your Own Succulent-Topped Pumpkin Planter

Tillandsia& DIY Pumpkin Planter 2

Fall is nature’s time to sing! So, it only makes sense to bring that beauty indoors. Creating a seasonal centerpiece is a perfect opportunity to decorate with fall’s bounty. Our succulent-topped pumpkin planter is a favorite at our Build-Your-Own Terrarium Bar and now we are sharing our how-to guide to help you make your own at home! If just thinking about collecting supplies and making time and room at home is leaving you feeling exhausted, join us at the Terrarium Bar for a hands-on experience! We’ll provide all the supplies, and we’ll even take care of the clean up!

This pumpkin planter makes a beautiful centerpiece, addition to your porch planters, or a memorable gift. And since we won’t actually be cutting the pumpkin, it can last for up to two months! This project is truly customizable, so choose the plants and pumpkin type that speak to you and suits your personal style. Let’s get started!

Choose Your Pumpkin Planter

A quick stop at any local farm or market, and you’re sure to find pumpkins in a variety of shapes and colors! We love the simplicity of the white Ghost Pumpkins. Fairytale Pumpkins are always a favorite, and they provide ample space for decorating! Any type will work so focus on the size and shape of the pumpkin and how its coloring will coordinate with or accentuate the hues in your plants. Pro tip: a flatter top will provide more space to display plants. If you are envisioning a full, leafy arrangement be sure to keep this in mind!

Apply Moss

Remove the stem of your pumpkin but do not pierce the skin of the fruit. Cutting into the pumpkin will ignite the decaying process meaning your pumpkin planter will only last for a limited time. Generously spray the top of your pumpkin with a spray adhesive and apply a layer of dry, sphagnum moss. Moss should be about half an inch deep to help keep plants securely in place.

Add Succulents & Air Plants

Choose a variety of succulents and air plants to top your pumpkin planter. We love incorporating different shades and textures to add visual interest. Ionantha air plants are a great choice to add color. Orange Reindeer Moss creates a festive backdrop for natural green plants. Live Spanish Moss creates a bed of beautiful texture. Gently work the base of the plants into the moss until they are secure. If you need extra support, a small dab of hot glue can be used to attach the plants to the moss.

Tillandsia& DIY Pumpkin Planter 3
Pumpkin Planter Care

Your succulents and air plants will continue to grow in the moss. Because they are alive, you’ll want to follow the care guide for each variety. If you are not sure what their preferred conditions are, we can help! As a general rule, your pumpkin planter will want indirect sunlight and a light mist of water daily to live its best life. If you will be placing your planter outdoors be sure to bring it inside overnight or when the temperatures drop.

We hope this pumpkin planter leaves you feeling inspired to incorporate houseplants into your fall décor. Check out our Ultimate Guide to Growing Indoor Plants as your everything-in-one-place resource for getting started and for expert tips to grow more bountiful houseplants.