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Tillandsia& Spring Houseplant Care Tips

Spring is in the air! The warmer temperatures and longer hours of sunlight cause everyone to bloom this time of year. Including your houseplants. Your indoor plants follow a similar growth cycle as the plants outdoors: a dormant phase in the colder months followed by a beautiful revival in the spring. As your houseplants enter this new growth cycle, you may notice more vibrant colors and new blooms. You may also notice that your plants need a little TLC to help with the transition. We gathered our tried-and-true Spring Houseplant Care Tips to help keep your plants happy. Visit us in the shop to stock up on plant food and soil, shop for new pots, and share conversations about the beautiful plants God has created! We’re always happy to help with transplanting and we even offer a free expert service to help your plants adjust to their new home.

Holiday Gift Guide | Tillandsia&

We’ve always loved this time of year and the magic that comes with it. Despite where we each
may be in our lives; we can always find comfort in our holiday traditions. Whether it’s a pastime
that has been cherished for many years, or something newly adapted this season, these
traditions keep us tethered to what is most important in life. Gift giving is a special tradition in
many homes. We enjoy taking a quiet moment to think deeply about those who are on our
holiday shopping list and the joy that is sure to be delivered with a meaningful gift.

Build Your Own Succulent-Topped Pumpkin Planter

Fall is nature’s time to sing! So, it only makes sense to bring that beauty indoors. Creating a seasonal centerpiece is a perfect opportunity to decorate with fall’s bounty. Our succulent-topped pumpkin planter is a favorite at our Build Your Own Terrarium Bar and now we are sharing our how-to guide to help you make your own at home! If just thinking about collecting supplies and making time and room at home is leaving you feeling exhausted, join us at the Terrarium Bar for a hands-on experience! We’ll provide all the supplies, and we’ll even take care of the clean up!